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Model 2220DT for Dome Top Cages

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Part Number:2220DT

Model 2220DT

Fits "DOME TOP" cages with a

WIDTH of 20" thru 22" and a

DEPTH of 16" thru 20"

LENGTH from top to bottom of the cover is 40"

- Color, Black

- Cover is one piece made with non-toxic poly/cotton fabric.

- Front flap, permanently attached at top, fastened to sides with Velcro. Can be lifted up and over the top to leave entire front of cage open.

- Machine washable (delicate cycle)

About CozzzyBird

CozzyCovers is committed to promoting the health and wellbeing of your bird. As such, we craft durable covers for all shapes and sizes of bird cages, to ensure your bird gets the restful sleep and sense of security he needs in order to thrive. Lightweight and machine washable, our patented design allows for quick and easy assembly and maintenance. The non-toxic, poly-cotton blend fabric effectively blocks out light while remaining breathable. CozzyCovers bird cage covers also features a flap in the front of the cage, secured with Velcro on both sides for easy cage access. To clean your CozzyCovers cage cover, wash on delicate in warm/cold water.

CozzzyBird Fabric

Color: Black

Material: Non-toxic, poly-cotton blend (65/35)

Fabric Weight: 5 oz.

Care: Machine wash delicate

Compatible With The Following Cages:

Avian Adventures Nina Dome Top

A&E 732217 Play Top (with play top closed)

A&E 600A Dome Top (loose fitting)

A&E 701 Dome Top

A&E B-2217 Dome Top (loose fitting)

HQ GA22217A Dome Top (loose fitting)

HQ GA22217C Dome Top (loose fitting)

HQ GA82217A Dome Top (loose fitting)

Kings SLT502A Dome Top (loose fitting)

Kings SLT 503N Dome Top (loose fitting)

Kings SLT42217 Dome Top (loose fitting)

Prevue Hendryx 3161 Dome Top (loose fitting)

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