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About Our Covers

CozzzyCovers cage covers provide a darkened and secure environment for promoting sleep and good health for any bird.  Made of durable, light weight, non-toxic poly-cotton fabric*, our bird cage covers are machine washable (recommended warm/cold wash and rinse - delicate dry).

CozzzyCovers cage covers are the most innovative and easy to use cage cover on the market!  Why spend an hour trying to drape a sheet or blanket over your large parrot cage when with our cage covers, one person will spend only minutes on even the largest cages.  Our PATENTED design features a flap that falls over the front of the cage that serves several functions.  Secured on both sides with Velcro, the flap is easily lifted to allow cage door access without remova. of the cover! This design also makes the application and removal of out covers so easy!

*As with any fabric, there is a possibility that loose threads could result from wear and tear on the cover. Any loose threads hanging inside the cover should promptly be cut off to prevent injury to your bird!